About Jannifer Wu

Jannifer Wu, founder and designer of JANNIFER WU AUSTRALIA, is a multi-award winning fashion designer who dedicates her life to helping women exhibit their individual aesthetic on their wedding day by creating a gown that is personalised for every bride.

Jannifer Wu graduated from RMIT University with an undergraduate degree in fashion and textiles. In her final year of study, she participated in the national fashion design competition, Fashion Awards Australia, as an Emerging Designer and was awarded Winner in two categories: Racewear, and Red Carpet Long Gown. In the following year, she won awards in categories of Red Carpet Long Gown, and Wedding Gown.

Jannifer Wu has over 25 years of experience in the fashion industry. As a woman with many years of fashion design experience, she understands the woman’s figure, and believes exquisite fit and superb quality in a gown is essential to accentuate a bride’s unique beauty. Her exquisite style, united with her finesse in fashion design and tailoring, has enabled her to emerge as an accomplished and prodigious couturier. Her lifework is to create the gown that is unparalleled in its beauty and emotional significance, as a memento of true love; for brides of all shapes and sizes.

Jannifer Wu
  • Fashion Awards Australia Race Wear Winner (2011)
  • Fashion Awards Australia Red Carpet Long Gown Winner (2011)
  • Fashion Awards Australia Wedding Gown 1st Runner-Up (2012)
  • Fashion Awards Australia Red Carpet Long Gown 1st Runner-Up (2012)
  • Judge of Fashion Awards Australia TAFE & New Emerging Designer (2017 )
481 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, Victoria, 3056