Legal Disclaimer

Legal Disclaimer


Access to the portal ( supposes acceptance of these general and individual conditions contained in the web site, due to which we recommend all users of the portal to read these conditions, as well as the policy of confidentiality and data protection, by which the web site ( is governed prior to commencement of navigation in the same and, in case of doubt, for them to contact (  so that they may be able to advise them in relation to any of the clauses included in this web site.

We also inform you that the portal of JANNIFER WU AUSTRALIA (JWA) is free-of-charge, although for the rendering of certain services prior subscription or registration is necessary.


Users undertake in these general conditions to use the portal in conformity with Law, decency, public order and generally-accepted good customs, refraining from operating in the web page with any purposes which may be damaging to or attack the image of JWA in the market or which may damage the image of any of its associated companies, as well as of the persons who make up the Group to which it belongs.

In addition, users shall refrain from carrying out any kind of acts that may damage or prevent the normal operation of the portal, the services offered, computer equipment, files, or databases held by JWA or the legitimate title-holders of the same, contained or stored in any of the different sections that make up this web site (


JWA will not be held liable in any cases, and without exception, for any damages of any kind which may be caused to users due to the operation of the portal, up to the limit set down in Law. In addition, it will not be held liable for any damages which may be caused to users as a result of redirecting from the web page (

Users shall answer for any damages of any kind caused directly or indirectly as a result of any non-compliance with the general conditions contained in this legal notice, as well as in the individual conditions which may supplement or develop these general conditions.

JWA reserves the right to modify the contents of the page as well as the configuration of the portal at any moment and without prior notice, being able to limit, suspend or prevent access fully or partially at its absolute discretion.

In addition, it shall not be held responsible for any damages that may be caused to users due to access to the portal in the hardware or software of their personal computers, not being able to guarantee that these will be free from viruses, in their files, systems, etc.


JWA is particularly sensitive to possible links that may be made from the web pages of third parties to its web page (

Users, both individuals and legal entities, who may wish to, or do indeed, make hyperlinks between web pages of other Internet portals and the page of the portal of JWA must subject themselves to the following conditions related to links with the web:

Request express authorization, with reasoning and in writing, to:
( Any lack of reply is not to be understood as authorisation to create the link. In addition, JWA may reject the request at its absolute discretion, without the need to provide any reasons for its lack of acceptance.

No false, inexact or incorrect statements that may induce error in relation to the contents of the portal, or which may contravene the Law, decency, public order or generally-accepted good practice, and which may damage the image in the virtual market of JWA, its companies, clients, or any third-parties who may have a relation with JWA may be made together with the link.


All of the contents, images, photographs, designs, logos, and labels, are owned by JWA or their legitimate title-holders, having express authorization to use them in the homepage of the portal.

All texts, photographs, graphic images, videos or mediums are owned by JWA or their content providers, and may not be subjected to any ulterior modification, copying, alteration, reproduction, adaption or translation by any users or third-parties without the express authorization of the titleholders of the mentioned contents.

Any users who may wish to use any graphic images, images, photographs, trademarks or labels must request express authorization in writing from JWA with it not being possible for any lack of reply to be considered as a supposed authorization.

The trademarks or logos that appear in the portal are owned by JWA and have been fully registered or are currently in the process of being registered, with any reproduction or use of the same being prohibited without prior authorization in writing by JWA.

The use of, or access to, the page does not attribute any rights whatsoever to users in relation to the distinctive signs shown in the home page.


The general conditions set down in the corresponding legal notice shall be governed by Australian legislation and jurisdiction, with the courts and tribunals of Victoria being competent for the resolution of any conflicts that may be derived from these conditions.