Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


  • The layby period is the duration of 6 months postliminary to the order date. Once the gown has been completed and there has been a Final Fitting, the Customer must collect the gown, if the customer wishes, the gown can be stored in the layby department for $33.00 per month
  • The customer must confirm that the gown’s style, size and colour in the order form is accurate.
  • Every JWA Made to Order (MTO) gown is individually handmade, and will require minimum 6 months to be created.
  • Gown completion dates are approximate and the production team may need to change a fitting date based on the production schedule.
  • The MTO dress will be made as per the sample gown. Design or fabric change requests will not be accepted on MTO orders. The customer must make an order for a Custom Couture Gown (CCG) if they would like any design or fabric changes. Additions (sleeves, train length) will not be accepted on MTO orders. The customer can add these additions during alterations at an extra charge. Please inform the staff of this at the time of order so they can note it down and have the material required ordered at the same time as the gown.
  • The customer must notify JWA if they are pregnant at time of order, or fall pregnant within the layby period, or if the wedding date changes from the date stated in the order. There may be additional charges including Rush fee of $300 if the date is moved to earlier than stated on the date of order.
  • Fittings (alteration, and gown) can only be booked for Monday to Friday (10am – 3pm). No exceptions – there are no seamstresses instore over the weekends.
  • Please note that since every JWA gown is handmade, minor irregularities may be present, JWA endeavour to correct these. Differences in fabric colour may occur due to each roll being individual; JWA is not responsible for this as this is supplied by the textiles manufacturer. Any minor irregularities in the fabric weave or embroidery (such as raw silk and lace) are not flaws but an integral part of the garment.
  • The customer must take home their MTO gown at final fitting. It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect the gown at Collection. After the gown has left the store premises, JWA is not responsible for its care or condition. If the customer would like, they may store their gown at JWA premises for a fee.


  • First deposit: 30% on the order date.
    Regular monthly payments are required. They can be made in store, over the phone by credit card or via direct deposit (please email enquiry@janniferwu.com.au for JWA bank details). For bank deposits, the reference number is the bride’s full name and the customer must email a screenshot with the bride’s full name to: enquiry@janniferwu.com.au so it can be allocated to the correct layby/account.
  • Gown production will only begin once 50% deposit has been received.
  • The MTO gown (complete or not) will remain as property of JWA and will not be released until the order total has been paid in full, or if the MTO order is cancelled or terminated.
  • Alterations are an extra cost and will not begin until gown payment is received in full.
  • Due to increased production costs, MTO gowns in sizes 22 and above incur an additional fee (10% of original gown price).
  • A rush order applies when the order is 12 to 20 weeks to the wedding date, incurring a fee of $300


  • The customer must bring the same wedding shoes to every fitting (calico, alterations or gown), as the heel height is required for the gown hem to be correct. The customer must not change wedding shoes after the calico fitting. JWA is not responsible if the gown length is too short or too long, due to the customer changing to a different pair of shoes. If shoes are changed and the hem becomes too long, additional charges apply to rectify this, if the hem becomes too short, we cannot fix this as we cannot add material to the length.
  • Please note that the MTO gown will not fit perfectly and the hem will be too long as it is made to the standard size chart. Hem may need to be taken up once the Bride has her correct shoes.
  • JWA is not responsible if the fit or length of the gown changes, after the initial alterations have been completed, due to: weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, surgery, or changing wedding shoes; further alteration fees will apply. Gowns that need to be fixed after the first gown fitting; take in/let out or any other alterations will incur a fee!
  • Change of mind to design after the gown has been made will incur an extra cost to make said changes if at all possible. Including but not limited too; adding or removing Lace/Beads/Tulle/Inner Tulle for fullness-less full WILL incur an Alteration Fee.
  • All fittings must be done at the same time each time, eg) 1pm Calico; 1pm Gown Fitting; 1pm Gown Final fitting. Having fittings at different times may cause the gown to not fit correctly. If you have your period, we will need to reschedule the appointment as this can cause the gown to not fit due to bloating etc


  • If the customer would like to exchange the gown to a different style, this may only occur within 7 days after the order date, (strictly no late exchanges will be accepted) an administration fee of $500 will apply.
  • Failure to make timely payments within the layby period will result in a phone call advising of JWA’s intent to terminate the order, after which the customer will have 14 days to rectify the problem. If the customer does not respond within 14 days, the order will be terminated at the discretion of JWA.
  • No refund will be issued for an order cancellation on the basis of change of mind, or for a terminated order (includes veil and accessories).
  • Please note that JWA is not responsible in the event of a cancelled wedding, no refund will be issued.
  • The MTO gown (complete or not) in a cancelled or terminated order is property of JWC and will not be released.


Terms and Conditions for the use of Gift Certificates/ Special Offers from Designer/ Gift Cards:

Are treated as cash and cannot be replaced if lost of stolen. They are not redeemable for cash. May only be used for purchasing a bridal gown at JANNIFER WU AUSTRALIA Flagship store. Cannot be redeemed online or for cash exchange. May only be used for one dress purchase. May only be used once and upon sale it must be returned to Jannifer Wu Australia at time of purchase. Strict Expiry dates are issued. May not be transferred to another person. Only the person named on the certificate can redeem.